Bailout Rate Plans

Tired of the constant Pricing Games?  Tired of Promises of money savings and superior customer service only to find out later that you really didn't save anything and can't even reach your agent? 

We are too and that's why Shore Security & Financial is going to simplify the "Rate Game" once and for all.  The 3 plans you see below are the least expensive in the industry. They are considered Wholesale Plans or in industry parlance, Interchange/Cost Plus pricing plans.  They can also be referred to as Flat Rate plans depending on who you speak with.  There will only be 3 Flat Rate plans offered and they will be based on the volume of transactions that your business does.

Transaction Volume Flate Rate Transaction Fee  Savings Fee
$0 - $499,999  .21% 23 cents  N/A
$500,000 - $999,999.19% 21 cents

 Greater of 10% of the estimated year 1 savings or $175

$1,000,000 or greater .15% 20 cents  Greater of 10% of the estimated year 1 savings or $250

In addition to offering the Flat Rate plans, we are eliminating or greatly decreasing the myriad of unnecessary fees that show up on your current statement like the infamous minimum monthly fee and the exhorbitant batch header and monthly statment fees.

Call now (888.399.1462) or email to take advantage of this limited time offer.  The flat rate plan offerings will be made available for as long as possible based on our affiliate relationships.