Free Consultation

A Shore Security & Financial representative will perform the following initial services for your business:

Merchant Account Consulting

We will perform a FREE brief review of your current merchant account statements to determine if you are on the right plan for you business and whether you are truly paying what you originally signed up for.  Our current or new Merchant Account Consulting (MAC) services will ensure that your business is set up with the correct rate plan and program for the type of business you do.

For a FREE statement analysis please call 888.399.1462 or email us at  A 20 minute review by our experts could save you 8-10% of your current processing costs!

Payment Industry Consulting 

A detailed review of your business in general, your customer base, and your business practices with regard to acceptance of varied forms of payments from your customers can be provided as well for a small fee of $350.  This will help us and you determine the best forms of electronic payment for your company at the best prices without the need for duplicative or redundant services that your customer base will not need and you will most likely never utilize.  If after the review, you decide to implement the suggested changes with Shore Security, the $350 fee will be refunded and/or waived.